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Jul 122020

Breaking Down Luka Dončić and the Mavs’ League-Leading Offense

“European players are soft.”  That backwards mindset is an epidemic in the NBA that has affected everyone from the great Arvydas Sabonis to his son, Domantas. The stigma surrounding players entering the league from overseas has existed since the day the first foreign-born player took an American court, and has [...]

Jul 102020

What Makes the Bucks Defense the Best in Basketball.

Throughout most of the 2010s, the dominant term used to describe the uber-talented teams that dominated the NBA was superteam. A word that strikes fear into anyone who dares read it, superteam describes rosters that are bursting with talent so excessively that the legitimacy of their success comes into question. [...]

Jun 62020

The City of Angels: Los Angeles’s Triumphant Return to Basketball Royalty

The rumblings had been present for years. Ever since he signed his extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers the summer after winning the 2016 NBA championship, LeBron James had been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers. Most of the speculation was just that - speculative. However, after being thrashed in the [...]

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